Flight Training Facilities

Registered HGFA flight training facilities (FTF) are the way to learn to fly HGFA aircraft.
All schools are required to conform to the HGFA (and CASA) minimum standards for equipment,
operational systems, certification and ongoing support.

It is the role of the FTF to train and qualify Supervised Pilots or Pilot Certificate holders to fly capably on their own within the limits of their experience and skill and be able to extend their flight experience and skills in a progressive manner. FTF's then refer new pilots to a local HGFA affiliated Club, making sure the newly qualified pilot doesn't become isolated and continues to gain experience under the guidance of club officials.

Most FTF's run sessions to take you to the next level of proficiency also organising tours and specialist clinics,
providing endorsement training such as VHF Radio Operator, Towing, Motored Flight,
Cross-Country Flying, SIV Manoeuvres
and various others.

Code for the table below
CFI = Chief Flying Instructor -- FI = Flying Instructor -- HG = Hang Gliding -- PHG = Motorised Hang Gliding
PG = Paragliding -- PPG = Paramotoring (Straight Through training) -- WM = Weightshift Microlighting.

New South Wales

School or Club Instructor Name & Type Location Telephone HG PG PPG WM
Byron Airwaves CFI: Brian Rushton Byron Bay 0427 615 950 HG
Flight Zone Hang Gliding School CFI: Neil Mersham Byron Bay 0408 441 742 HG
Pro-Flyte CFI: Peter Aitken Byron Bay 0427 257 699 HG
Poliglide CFI: Andrew Polidano Byron Bay 0428 666 843 PG PPG
High Adventure CFI: Dave Wainwright Laurieton 0429 844 961 PG PPG
Manilla Paragliding CFI: Godfrey Wenness Manilla 02 6785 6545 PG
Air Sports CFI: Tony Barton Newcastle 0412 607 815 HG PG
Airborne Windsports CFI: Russell Duncan Newcastle 02 4944 9199 WM
Sydney Microlight Centre CFI: Ned McIntosh Wollongong 0428 420 310 WM
Skyout Parragliding CFI: Roger Stanford Sydney 0424 307 047 PG
Hang Glide Oz CFI: Tony Armstrong Stanwell Park 0417 939 200 HG
Sydney Hang Gliding Centre CFI: Chris Boyce Stanwell Park 02 4294 4294 HG
Warren Windsports CFI: Curt Warren Stanwell Park 0434 222 111 HG
Sydney Paragliding Centre CFI: Greg Hurst Sydney Northern Beaches & Stanwell Park 0417 908496 PG
Adventure Plus Paragliding CFI: Antony Prehn Stanwell Park 0412 271 404 PG
Hollywood Paragliding CFI: Martin Wysocki Sydney South Coast 0409 959 691 PG
Airborne Upper Hunter CFI: Chris Perdulovski Maitland 0428 444 868 WM
Cloudbase Paragliding CFI: Chris Rogers Mid North Coast 0407 918 099 PG PPG

Australian Capital Territory

School or Club Instructor Name & Type Location Telephone HG PG PPG WM
SkySurf Paragliding CFI: Rafael Esquillaro Canberra 0432 543 502 PG


School or Club Instructor Name & Type Location Telephone HG PG PPG WM
Port Douglas Microlights CFI: Andrew Clifford Port Douglas 0408 189 565 WM
Pure Paragliding FI: Daniel Keech Port Douglas 0427 888 893 PG
Air Play Hang Gliding CFI: Greg Newnham Cairns 0412 000 797 HG
Updraught HG & WM School CFI: Kevin Gilligan Cairns 0419 773 309 HG WM
Jaques Coffee Microlights CFI: Rob Jaques Mareeba 07 4093 3284 WM
Rainbow Paragliding CFI: Jean-Luc Lejaille Rainbow Beach 0418 754 157 PG
David Cookman Hang Gliding CFI: David Cookman Noosa 07 5449 8573 HG WM
SE Qld Hang Gliding Services CFI: Ken Hill Canungra 0418 188 655 HG
Paragliding Queensland CFI: Philip Hystek Canungra 0418 155 317 PG
Canungra Sky Sports CFI: Lisa Bradley Canungra 04572 87200 HG PG
Capricorn Sky Sports CFI: Lisa Bradley Rockhampton 04572 87200 HG PG
SEQ Paragliding CFI: Shane Gingell Sunshine Coast 0417 619 167 PG
Tribal Flight CFI: Matt Fox Toowoomba 0428 280666 PG PPG


School or Club Instructor Name & Type Location Telephone HG PG PPG WM
Active Flight Paragliding Centre CFI: Fred Gungl Bright 0428 854 455 PG
Alpine Paragliding CFI: Ted Jenkins Bright 0407 573 879 PG
2ToFly CFI: Brian Webb Bright 0417 530 972 PG
Melbourne Microlights CFI: Melbourne WM
Dynamic Flight CFI: Rohan Holtkamp Trawalla 0409 678 734 HG WM
DTK Microlights CFI: Geoff White Churchill 0437 073 400 WM
Freedom Airsports CFI: Peter Holloway 478 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, VIC 3132 0409 526 805 HG
Yarrawonga Flight Training CFI: Peter McLean Hangar 19 31-33 John Digan Dr Yarrawonga, VIC 3730 0415 406 413 WM
Bay City Microlights CFI: Eon McDonald 1085 Queenscliff Rd Swan Bay, VIC 3225 0418 386 821 WM

South Australia

School or Club Instructor Name & Type Location Telephone HG PG PPG WM

Western Australia

School or Club Instructor Name & Type Location Telephone HG PG PPG WM
WA Paragliding Academy CFI: Jiri Hlavaty Perth 0417 776 550 PG
Birds Eye View CFI: Gavin Penfold Exmouth 0428 011 077 WM
Leading Edge Hang Gliding Centre CFI: Mike Duffy Perth 0402 020 098 HG

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